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star container spain

Star Container Spain has an unbeatable location. Algeciras, situated in the frontier of 2 continents, and strategically located in the strait between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, becomes the entrance door to all traffic from Asia and America to Europe and Africa.

Located only a few minutes away from the city Port and perfectly linked with the city and the outskirts. Situated very close to the Bahía de Algeciras Port, the number one in Spain in volume. The city also has a train station than belongs to the European Transportation Web (RTE-E), as well as terrific roadways.

Venta de contenedores de segunda mano

Trade of containers of all types, be it new or second-hand, or even refurbished and personalized.

Reparación de Contenedores

Star Container Spain counts with highly qualified technicians and top notch installations to carry out any kind of repair.

Proyectos con Contenedores

We carry out any kind of Project designed with containers. We modify, transform and make buildings with containers.